Youth Media Program Helps Students Build Skills While Making Connections


BALTIMORE — An afterschool program for teens and young adults is gearing up to start a new session, and organizers are looking for more people to join.

Teenagers and young adults, ages 16-29, have the opportunity to participate in a free film and photography workshop while virtually associating with Ghana Africa students who are learning the same things.

Afrikan Youth Alchemy has been running the “Through my lens” workshop for about 13 years, and the next session starts on Monday.

Youth and young adults will be able to use the arts of media production to educate themselves and the communities around them.

They will produce films and photographic projects that explore social justice issues relevant to youth.

Ras-Tre Subira, who is the executive director of Afrikan Youth Alchemy, said that during weekly workshops, students will discuss what they have learned from collaborating and producing alongside other students in Ghana Africa via Zoom, allowing them to expand their knowledge of social justice issues that impact them here in Baltimore and abroad.

“We know that media phone technology is getting the attention of our young people, they’re addicted to it, not just young adults, it’s pretty much the primary means of communication. Being able to control the media is really important, especially since black and brown Africans being able to control our narrative is really important for us to tell our own stories. Young people will share their idea by sharing their work and in doing so, learning about each other’s life, learning the difference of culture through film photography, but doing it virtually,” said Subira.

Learning filmmaking and photography skills will then help these young people develop earning potential. The “Through My Lens” program will take place twice a week starting next Monday until November. For more information on how to enter, email [email protected] or call 443-819-0601.


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