Zimbabwe: Digital learning to cover all schools


The government is committed to embracing a comprehensive digital learning environment in schools, a key pillar in achieving Vision 2030 in line with global standards.

The objective of the implementation of the national e-learning strategy was to transform the education sector through the development of adequate technological capacities for both learners and educators, regardless of geographic location or backgrounds. economic circumstances.

In an interview, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Evelyn Ndlovu said she is working to ensure the continuity of online and digital zones in all schools.

“The ministry’s connectivity program is a comprehensive program to ensure that no learner or place is left behind. We work with the whole government, so together with the Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Energy and Electricity Development, we ensure that it is the technological backbone necessary for digitization and the perpetuation of online and digital learning. We are also working with our development partners to ensure that all places, including Chiredzi South and Binga, are finally connected, ”she said.

Minister Ndlovu also said she is keen to improve the current skills-based curriculum as they move towards developing the skills required for national growth and self-reliance.

“I have an obligation to ensure that the education system is aligned with the larger vision of becoming a prosperous upper middle-income nation by 2030. We have the vision to be the leading provider of ’21st century inclusive quality education for socio-economic transformation speaks. “

The ministry, she said, is committed to addressing issues relating to the welfare of teachers, saying the issue of salaries requires broad consultations with all stakeholders involved.

“When I first interacted with them on World Teachers’ Day, teachers had the opportunity to draw my attention to certain issues and I can assure you that I will work very hard to address their concerns.

“I understand that such consultations take place with the aim of ultimately resolving their welfare issues.”

She said she was satisfied with the commitment shown by teachers to their work ethic, saying the majority of them are at their workstations.

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